Why I Shoot Unconventional Family Portraits

Random , December 22, 2016

My favourite image from my childhood wasn’t the one where I posed into the camera, It was the one where I was running around, playing uncontrollably and making silly face gestures.

So now, as I’m all grown up and as a person who loves taking images, I want to incorporate what I love into my work.

Back in Oakleigh, Melbourne last week I had the pleasure in capturing a beautiful family of three. There are a few things in my mind when doing this session:

1. The perfect setup for these kind of shoots are daily activities, such as a walk in the park or playing bubbles at the backyard.

2. Approach each frame as a game, play with them or we can ask the parents to be involved. These can be such as being in a race or carrying the child and spinning them around.

3. Children are very spontaneous, it’s very important to keep the camera ready at all times.

4. A huge camera might be intimidating for a child, for this shoot here I used a small Ricoh GR 90% of the time.

5. Always have a mindset that these images will be invaluable for the child in the future.

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