Test Driving the A7Rii in Sumba

Review , April 16, 2016

The story was, I had two Nikon d750 for work. Both of them broke in the space of a week. The shutter curtain fell into places and blocked the sensor.


but after that,

Then arise another problem, I only had two days to buy a new camera for an assignment in Sumba, an island east of Bali.

My choice was the Nikon D810 or the A7R mark ii, my gut told me to buy the latter one.

So here’s a first look of it, an adventure into Sumba with the A7Rii.
My first impressions are:

  1. The files are so much fun to work with!!! LOTS of dynamic range and its sharp as a katana.
  2. High-ISO grains are beautiful
  3. brings out the best from my Leica M lenses, (in camera Stabilization)
  4. compared to my Leica M240, it’s much much faster (processor wise)
  5. with great files comes the need of bigger storage, 85MB per image for uncompressed files.



DSC01152 DSC02163DSC00980 DSC02169DSC02182 DSC01743 DSC01562 DSC01474 DSC01639 DSC01887DSC01793 DSC01892 DSC02090 DSC01268 DSC02294 DSC01221


For this post, I used the 50 1.4 Summilux lens.

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