Nepal // A Night inside the Boudanath

Travel , March 23, 2014


One of the places I was looking forward to in Nepal is the Boudanath. I went there in 2001 with my mother (the picture above). With so many activities going on over there and little memory left of it from 14 years ago, I decided to spend the night in a hotel inside the Boudanath area. I spent the whole day just walking in circles, sitting down, observing people, and did some meditation as well. It was a great way to slow down and just live in the moment.


It attracts hundreds of tourists daily whereas the locals go there to pray. They are reciting Om Mani Padme Hum (which is a Tibetan chant) over and over again while walking clockwise around the Stupa. Whilst doing that, they are also rotating the Tibetan prayer wheels.

G0002294G0002285G0003652G0002367G0002310G0003640G0003391G0003425G0003415G0003476G0003470During my stay there, it was said that it was busier than usual. It turns out that it was the Mongolian new year which is the similar time with the Lunar New Year. Many Mongolian-descent Nepali go there since it’s a national holiday.G0003693G0003733G0003757G0003764G0003796G0003722G0003354G0003504

In the middle of the Boudanath lies a giant stupa with the eye of the Buddha. It is said that there’s a remaining ash/relic of Buddha inside it.G0003630G0003541G0003506G0003610

Images above are shot with the Ricoh GR and processed with VSCO 01

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