Being a Backstage Photographer for Prambanan Jazz

Travel , October 18, 2015

I caught up with Tompi during my quick visit in Jakarta a few month’s back. We discussed a lot about his love of film photography until somehow it reached a point where I asked him if I could photograph his backstage activites during his live performances.

He said that the Prambanan Jazz was coming up and I should come along on that one, with Trisum, Kenny G and Isyana Sarasvati involved as well.

It’s my first wedding-free weekend since August, and I thougt it would be a perfect opportunity for me to try out something new. I joined from the press conference, early-morning walks in Prambanan, reherseals and the actual performance.

Thank you Tompi for this Experience!

All images below were edited with the Blacksmith & Fernweh presets from the REDLEAF TRIBE and captured with the Leica M240 + RicohGR 

second image on this post was photographed by Tompi

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