Beauty of the Underrated 28 Ultron f2

Review , April 8, 2016

This is a story of a lens that I bought last year, but really didn’t bother to use at all.

I wanted a street-photography friendly wide angled lens for my Leica M240, and the 28mm range was my favorite. So it comes to mind which lens should I buy; should it be the 28 Cron, 28 Elmarit, 28 Biogon or the 28 Ultron?

The first thing that came to my mind was that I’ll shoot most of my images on the 28 at f5.6 or narrower, with this my choice goes out to the 28 Ultron as most lenses at f5.6 are pretty similar and the price was MUCH cheaper than the others.

Without much research I bought it without testing it or even played with it first, yet it was kept in my drybox for 3 months because I was using the Leica M240 more for portraits than street. However, last month on my trip to Japan I deliberately went for a walk without bringing the 50 1.4 Summilux which was my preferred M mount lens. This forced to maximize the 28 ultron.

Here’s a few things that surprised me:

  1. Sharp enough for me wide open but don’t compare it to LeicaL1005619
  2. Which comes to this, it creates a classic bokeh. It’s more important to me than sharpness as it adds mood into the photographs.L1004879
  3. Just weighing at 243g, makes it really comfortable to carry the whole day.
  4. Zonal focusing is a breeze, clear guidelines on the lens, and at f8 it’s sharp from 1.5m-infinity.L1004825

The only downside was:

  1. On backlight conditions the lens is an underperformer. The flare is ugly, and chromatic abberations of purple is quite strong.

L1004915That’s pretty much the negative aspect of it, in the end it was really fun to use and highly recommended if you like shooting street.


Sample images shot on a Leica M240 Body:

L1006063L1004710 L1004882 L1005270L1004727 L1004741 L1004835L1004780 L1004848 L1004861 L1005084L1005200 L1005321 L1005346 L1005597 L1005413 L1005618 L1006126

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